GVT Group of Logistics

Tilburg, The Netherlands
End user:
Logistic Service Provider:
GVT Group of Logistics
Type of system:
Slat Conveyor System
Dock systems:
Trailer systems:
Products transported:
Bottled soda’s

GVT Group of Logistics is a Dutch based multimodal transport company with a strong position in the Dutch logistics market (90.000m2). With a vehicle fleet of more than 150 trucks they are in transit throughout the Benelux daily.

Ancra installed 2 automated (un)loading systems at the new build GVT warehouse in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

The systems unload trailers that shuttle to the nearby Coca-Cola bottling plant. These trailers can be automatically unloaded within 3 minutes at either of the two unloading systems, regardless of the availability of forklifts. After sorting and repacking, the same systems are also used for automated loading in 3 minutes of the soft drinks into the trailers that shuttle towards the major Dutch retailers.

This dual purpose usage is possible because the trailer fleet in The Netherlands for beverage transport is standardized with automatic (un)loading systems.

The supplied steel slat conveyors are of the latest generation. These systems are designed for heavy loads (up to 30 tonnes) and can be installed inside buildings or in the open air (like at GVT). Similar types of systems have elsewhere been in operation over 10 years.

Automatic loading and unloading with Ancra provides cost savings because of automation of the loading and unloading processes, very short ‘truck turnaround times’ and reduction of product damage and forklift related injuries.

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