Procter & Gamble Amiens

Amiens, France
End user:
Procter & Gamble
Logistic Service Provider:
FM Logistics
Type of system:
Chain Conveyor System
Dock systems:
Trailer systems:
Products transported:
Palletized laundry detergents

P&G is a global company with a large portfolio of well-known FMCG brands. For streamlining shuttle transport between the P&G laundry detergents production plant and the new build DC (70.000 pallet places) operated by FM Logistics, Ancra Systems BV delivered 6 docking systems for unloading.

The 6 chain conveyor systems installed at the distribution centre can handle different pallets sizes and operate at a speed of 8 m/min. The robust conveyor systems are equipped with 4 chain tracks and a fork-lift truck stop at the end of each unloading system. To enable fluent pallet picking, automatic spacing between the pallets is created when the pallets arrive at the fork-lift truck stops. The positioning frame for the trailer is supplied with a pneumatic operated lock and a traffic light to prevent leaving without uncoupling of the 400V connector. Profound control is created by using Allen Bradley PLC's.

Ancra Systems BV is proud to play an important role in the logistics flow for a successful company as Procter & Gamble.

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