Dinsdag 18 Mei 2021

“How can Ancra Systems help us to load our trailers with 33 pallets in just 3~5 minutes? ” Was one of the major questions during an On-Site visit at the customer location in the recent past.

After a successful ON-SITE installation and test of Ancra’s NMCS LoadRunner Plus System in Poland, with the help of our great project team and customer, they are loading in few minutes and saw the answer for themselves.

This customer is a world-leading supplier of FMCG (food-related) products and was facing the challenge of finding a way to reduce, their average of 35 minutes loading cycle time, of 33 Euro pallets into a 13.6-meter long semi-trailer, by only using forklift trucks.

Ancra Systems inventoried the exact needs and understood the challenging situation at the customer location and offered them the best Non-Modified ATLS solution

The Non-Modified ATLS solution, named LoadRunner Plus, has especially been developed and engineered for automated one-shot loading (and even unloading) of standard Euro pallets (short side orientated) into any non-modified standard truck/trailer/container.

Its unique and fully automated All Axis positioning and alignment functionality, allow it to load (or unload) 33 euro pallets (short side leading, 3 pallets side by side) in one shot 100% automatically, without any human intervention.

Even “partial” loading is possible with all our Non-Modified ATLS Solutions. And as there is no queue pressure between the individual pallets, product damages during the loading(or unloading) cycle are also avoided.

It also allows the full use of the available space inside each trailer, as these skates basically operate as long forks, maneuvering underneath the bottom of the pallets. The full load hoovers just 15-20mm above the trailer floor when the pallets are loaded into the trailer, which leads to even a lesser limit reserved and required free space needed compared with conventional forklift loading. 

With our Non-Modified ATLS solution, the overall loading or unloading cycle can be reduced from ± 35 mins to 3 mins which results that a single dock door handles 3 up to 4 full trailers per hour. 


For more information on this system please view the link below:

LoadRunner PLUS

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