About Ancra

About Ancra

The Automatic Truck Loading Specialist

Ancra Systems is THE specialist in the field of automatic truck (un)loading systems, also known as ATLS: from standard systems to customized solutions. Geared to your industry and calculated to meet your logistic requirements.

Ancra Systems streamlines trailer loading and unloading processes worldwide and has been doing so for more than 35 years.


What are automatic truck loading and unloading systems, or ATLS?

Automatic truck loading and unloading always require two ‘combined’ systems: one system in the trailer and a ‘fixed’ installation inside the loading and unloading dock. When a trailer docks the entire load is loaded or unloaded automatically. Click here for an animated video to see how the concept works.


Benefits of automatic loading and unloading systems

The most commonly used truck loading and unloading systems are for shuttle services between production facilities and distribution centers. Truck loading and unloading times are reduced from half an hour to a matter of minutes. Return on investment times are short due to the immediate savings compared to traditional loading and unloading (using forklifts or hand pallets trucks).

  • Fewer logistics personnel due to automation of the loading and unloading process;

  • Fewer fork-lift trucks and associated equipment due to the mechanization of the loading and unloading process;

  • Fewer loading and unloading docks because each dock can handle higher volumes;

  • Fewer trucks, trailers and drivers due to increased fleet utilization;

  • Less warehouse space due to a more concentrated flow of goods;

  • Less buffer stock due to quicker inbound and outbound transportation of goods;

  • Less space outside due to quicker turnaround times of trailers;

  • Reduced damage of goods and equipment due to a controlled loading and unloading process;

  • The safer working environment for personnel.

Keep the status quo … OR have Ancra Systems take a look at your loading and unloading issues? For more detailed information go to FAQ page.