Rollertracks for efficient semi-trailer loading

The rapid and efficient loading and transportation of air cargo is a specialist area. Ancra Systems achieves this with high-quality pneumatic rollertracks. Our well thought out systems are suitable for trucks and warehouses and are designed for heavy work: depending on the system configuration, the roller beds are suitable for all types of ULDs and air freight platforms.

The rollertracks are constructed from zinc-plated steel rollers, mounted on extruded aluminium sections and enclosed within a steel top plate. When the system is out of operation the steel rollers are retracted into the section which has the advantage that work floor or cargo floor can be fully crossed with a fork-lift truck or hand pallet truck. This also means that optimum flexibility is retained for return freight and you can reduce your ‘no-load kilometres’; Euro or industry pallets can also be loaded without any problems.

When in use, the rollertracks are raised pneumatically in order to lift the pallets. The pallets are moved by hydraulic wheel drives or manually. Optional automatic pallet locks guarantee safety.

Our rollertracks can also be incorporated into, for example, scissor lifts or dock levellers, which make it much easier to load and unload trailers with varying floor heights. It is also possible to deliver our rollertracks in combination with chain tracks as a slipchain system.

You can download our rollertracks brochure here.

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