Van de Put Fresh Cargo Handling

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Air Freight
End user:
J. van de Put
Type of system:
Dock systems:
Trailer systems:
Products transported:
Flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables

J. van de Put Fresh Cargo Handling is a company located near Schiphol Airport for fast handling of fresh products such as flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables. Ancra Systems BV made it possible for Van de Put BV to deliver high quality products by installing pneumatic rollertracks for rapid air cargo handling.

The system installed consists of 4 sections divided over 4 docks. All sections are flush with the concrete floor and can be fully crossed with fork-lift trucks. Fast cross docking has been made possible by modificating two dock levellers and scissor lifts with Ancra rollertracks and using four cross-sections with a crosswise track. The scissor lifts equipped with pallet locks prevent undesired rolling. The installation of the rollertracks on the dock levellers makes it possible to use these docks not only for air cargo pallet handling but also for normal pallet handling (manually or by fork-lift trucks). Total storage of 8 to 19 air cargo pallets has been made possible. In addition, pneumatical sinking of the rollers in the floor prevents loss of floor space.

Ancra Systems BV delivered an (un)loading solution with minimal loss of docking flexibility and specified to the client's wishes.

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