Different Automatic Truck Loading Systems

Ancra Systems: customer-driven engineering as core activity.

Loading and unloading engineering is a specialist field. The preconditions are numerous and strict. A few examples:

  • minimising system weight and build-height;
  • complying with strict Health & Safety legislation and requirements relating to vehicle size and weight;
  • choice of 400V~ or 24V- power supply;
  • interfacing with new or existing internal transport systems;
  • taking into account the structural requirements of the dock and the trailer(s);
  • compact drive to maximise load volume;
  • taking into account the type of load and/or type of pallets.

Fully automatic loading and unloading always requires two ‘combined’ systems: one system in the truck or trailer and a fixed installation on the loading platform or in the warehouse. Truck loading conveyors and other Ancra’s solutions allow you to further increase efficiency by adding elevators, lift platforms and/or turntables and conveyors that interface with the automatic loading and unloading systems. Detailed information on automated truck loading and unloading systems can be found in our White Paper, available for download here.

Ancra Systems has developed five ‘standard’ systems (truck loading conveyors, skate systems, rollertracks) and also supplies customised solutions or ‘specials’ as they are known.