LoadRunner system

WHAT is the Loadrunner System?

The Loadrunner System is an automated truck loading and unloading system that operates without the need for any additional mechanical logistics system on the trailer. It only requires U channels to be mounted on the trailer floor.

The system consists of two integrated conveying systems: a load skate system and a chain conveyor system. The load skate system is used to load or unload pallets from the trailer using long, liftable "forks" made from aluminum and steel profiles with steel rollers on the bottom side. The chain conveyor system transfers pallets to and from the connecting conveyor belt systems using specially designed aluminum extrusion profiles equipped with low-friction and wear-resistant profiles to support and guide the conveyor chains.

HOW does the Loadrunner System work?

The skate track systems are positioned between two chain tracks, and they are driven by a chain track in the middle. Four load skates carry the pallets into the trailer, with two pallets placed side by side and lengthwise (SSL) orientation.

The load skates lift the pallets and carry them directly under the pallet deck inside the open channels of the pallet. The Loadrunner System can automatically load and unload pallets for the entire trailer in approximately 6-8 minutes. 

The system is equipped with sensors at the front end where the trailer connects to the dock door. These sensors can determine the width of the trailer, its alignment on the dock door, and any height variances. The system can adjust to the loading and unloading conditions without requiring the trailer to accommodate. This automation advancement simplifies pallet transfer and increases productivity. Once the sensors detect the bumper, the load is released slowly and safely. The Loadrunner Skate System returns to its base and is ready for the next load of pallets.

WHY choose the Loadrunner System?

The Loadrunner Skate System is an ideal choice for businesses aiming to optimize their supply chain operations, especially for shuttle applications involving long driving times and distances. With the ability to load and unload the entire trailer in approximately 8 minutes, it provides a highly efficient and cost-effective solution.

The Loadrunner Skate System requires minimal modifications to the trailer, as only U channels need to be mounted on the trailer floor without the addition of any mechanical components. With advanced technology and a flexible design, the Loadrunner System offers various benefits, including improved efficiency, reduced labor costs, and enhanced safety. Investing in this system guarantees improved freight efficiency for your company.

HOW to Make the Most Efficient Use of a Loadrunner System? 

Properly preparing the load is crucial for this system. As with normal transported shipments, all pallets need to be securely packed, with nothing hanging and boxes of similar sizes placed next to each other. This ensures that there is no interference or damage to the freight during the transfer from the facility dock to the trailer.

Customizable to Your Business 

As your business grows, the Loadrunner System can be easily expanded or upgraded to meet your evolving needs. Whether you aim to improve efficiency, reduce costs, or streamline your operations, our system can be tailored and customized accordingly. Our team of ATLS experts is ready to assist you in finding the best solution for your business. We understand that implementing a new system can be challenging, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with the guidance and support you need to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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