Business Model

Business Model

Business Model

Efficiently organised.

Ancra Systems has a business model that is based on high added value, low overheads, quality, flexibility and scalability.

  • Ancra Systems prefers to supply directly to the end user, though we often also work with logistic service providers and system integrators;

  • In the most important markets outside of the Benelux, Ancra Systems has representation that looks after local contacts and provides technical support. See ‘Ancra Worldwide’;

  • The draughtsmen start work as soon as an order has been secured; Ancra Systems is an engineering company at heart and all of the design work is also undertaken in house;

  • On the basis of the design the individual components are bought in from around the world;

  • The complete system is then assembled at our workshop in Boxtel;

  • Before leaving the workshop they are first subjected to extensive mechanical and electrical testing;

  • Ancra Systems has a team of experienced engineers who install the systems on trailers and install the fixed systems at the end user’s site;

  • Once the systems are operational, the same team of engineers is available for any repairs and for undertaking periodic maintenance.

In addition to its normal business operations, Ancra Systems invests continuously in product development, making sure it is and remains the market leader in its field.