Postal & Parcel

Automated Parcel Unloading Solution

How much weight do you put on efficiency and ergonomics?

Good news for postal services and parcel couriers who have to take into account strict ergonomic regulations in addition to speed and reliability. 

For the French La Poste, Ancra Systems developed a system that transports the parcels from the trailer to the post sorting systems fully automatically.  Both the trailer and the dock are equipped with an Ancra Systems conveyor installation.

This solution generates an immediate efficiency benefit in a responsible Health & Safety manner:

  • instead of using wheeled containers the parcels are loaded directly into the load space of the trailers, increasing the loading capacity by 200 to 300%;  
  • the trailer unloading time has been reduced to 25 minutes, as a result of which the trailers are better utilised and every unloading dock can process higher volumes;
  • the amount of labour has reduced considerably because the unloading process is fully automated;
  • fewer docks are required because each dock can handle higher volumes;
  • the automatic unloading system can process up to 6,000 parcels per hour which means that the maximum capacity of the sorting machines can be utilised;
  • the automation of the unloading process has created a safer working environment because fork-lift trucks are no longer necessary;
  • manual unloading of parcels is a thing of the past, meaning that parcel services can comply with the strict physical loading legislation (see below).


Facts about manual handling of goods

The figures don’t lie. Physical overloading is at the top of the list of work-related complaints in Europe. At least one in three European employees complains about it. That explains the increasing pressure to comply with the EU Directive “Manual handling of loads” (Directive 90/269/EEC).

A European campaign has been launched under the slogan ‘Lighten the load’. Employers are well-advised not to allow their employees to manually lift loads in excess of 23 kilo. If they do, then they run the risk of being held liable for employees who, for example, injure their backs.

Download here the Postal & Parcel Services document presented at Post-Expo 2009 (Hannover).