La Poste/ColiPoste

Postal & Parcel
End user:
La Poste/ColiPoste
Logistic Service Provider:
La Poste/ColiPoste
Type of system:
Belt Conveyor System
Dock systems:
Trailer systems:
Products transported:
Parcels and packages

The French parcel delivery company ColiPoste is a subsidiary of La Poste, one of Europe’s largest postal operators. In close cooperation with La Poste, Ancra Systems BV have designed, produced and implemented a fully automatic system for unloading trailers with parcels to increase transport efficiency between the ColiPoste hubs. This system is unique in the world and has been successfully implemented throughout the La Poste organization.

Trailers equipped with the Ancra belt conveyor system (with a tolerance of temperatures between -20°C and +45°C) shuttle between several hubs in France. Loose-loading of the trailers increases the load factor by almost 300% compared to the conventional use of trolleys. The belt conveyor system is designed in such a way that trolley handling is still possible. When connected to the dock system at the hubs the trailer is unloaded fully automatically in approximately 40 minutes. The unloading system can operate at two different speeds to enable constant feeding of the sorting machine dependant on the volume of the trailer load. A throughput of 4.000-6.000 parcels per dock system per hour is now possible.

The Ancra belt conveyor systems are fully integrated into the hub’s automated conveyor systems to ensure the maximum capability of the sorting machines. In addition to the efficiency advantages (less trucks, less handling, less docks, increased throughput) no manual unloading of the trailers is needed. This ensures increased safety in the working environment and full compliance with the increasingly strict EU manual material handling regulations. Ancra Systems BV is proud to have partnered so successfully with the La Poste organization in the development and implementation of this groundbreaking solution.

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