Specials: Custommade Trailer Loading & Offloading System

Ancra's continuous drive for innovation and improvement results in some surprising insights and remarkable solutions. When developing customer-specific solutions we aim to combine functionality, draw together a wide range of disciplines and integrate new technologies.

Examples are multi-layer cargo floors, different speeds within one system and compacting and configuring loads.  Forming a slipchain system by combining rollertracks with chains, is also possible. In certain situations, elements such as automatic bridges and cross-sections, turntables, buffer conveyors and traverse trucks can be used. 

Do you have to deal with special sizes of pallets, containers, goods or crates? Then Ancra Systems can develop a customised system for you.

We are constantly working on weight reduction and systems that are even more maintenance friendly. It shows our passion for innovation and engineering.

Test Ancra Systems with your most difficult logistic problem – the more complex it is, the more we enjoy it.

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