Vink Systemen

Katwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands
End user:
Vink Systemen
Logistic Service Provider:
Transport Keijzer Warmond
Type of system:
Dock systems:
Trailer systems:
Products transported:
Air ducts

Vink Systemen is a Dutch producer and installer of air ducts for different markets like utilities, government, industry, sports & recreation and including offshore. In cooperation with their logistic service provider –Transport Keijzer Warmond- Ancra Systems have developed a container with an integral automatic unloading floor. This enables delivery of the voluminous air ducts to all floors of a building under construction, without the installation team having to enter the suspended container, which is forbidden by occupational health and safety regulations.

A standard 20ft ISO container substructure is extended by 235mm to enable the delivery of construction materials with a length of 6 metres, as requested by the client. The order comprised two containers which can be transported to the construction site on an ISO container skeletal chassis. During road transport the containers are secured with standard corner castings and twist locks. Using a construction crane the container is raised to the relevant level for delivery of the air ducts. Also a loader crane on a truck can be used for delivery to the lower levels. The plastic belt is powered by an integrated 220V-750W electric motor. With a speed of 2,6 m/min the materials are automatically unloaded from the container at the level where the materials are needed.

The container measures 6300mm x 2550mm x 2780mm and is fully equipped with a shutter door. The weight of the container is 3700kg with a certified loading capacity of 3500kg. Ancra Systems have applied for a patent to support this new innovation. As the new technology involves the use of a hoist it is completely tested and fully compliant with the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and AI-17, enabling deployment throughout the whole of the EEC. This innovation is employed for the secure and fast delivery of many construction materials at all heights, especially materials that have dimensions that cannot be transported using conventional internal elevators. Furthermore, it greatly improves the safety of the working environment.

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