Container loading system

WHAT is the container loading system? 

The container loading system is an efficient and innovative loading solution designed to quickly and safely load freight containers of various sizes (20'/40'/45'). Key features:

  • Maximum capacity of 30,000 kg, making it possible to load any type of material;
  • Loading cycle time of only 5 minutes, making it an ideal option for companies that require fast and efficient container loading;
  • Suitable for loading containers in different weather conditions;

Has additional options and can be customized to specific needs and requirements.

HOW does the container loading system work? 

The container loading system features a robust plastic loading plate that is inserted into the cargo space. It is supported by two sets of height-adjustable legs and a gate with various functions. The system is powered by an electric and hydraulic gear motor and is managed by a user-friendly program for safe and efficient operation.

The loading process begins with pre-loading the cargo onto the loading plate. Once the trailer or container is hydraulically attached to the system, the operator adjusts the system for any angular differences using the hydraulics. The plate with the cargo is then pushed into the container, and the stop plate lowers to hold the cargo in place while the plate is pulled out of the container and hydraulically retracted. This process ensures that the cargo is securely held in place and that the container or trailer is not damaged during loading.

The loading system can load a full container in a cycle of 5 minutes and has the capacity to handle loads up to 30,000 kg, making it an invaluable asset for any shipping or logistics operation.

WHY invest in a container loading system? 

Investing in a container loading system is a smart choice for businesses looking to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain product quality.

The system is particularly useful in woodworking and sawmills, metalworking and steel industry, container ports and logistics, construction materials, and construction applications, or other sectors with long, stacked products and complex loads that are difficult to load with traditional methods.

The automated loading process is fast and safe, ensuring products are loaded without damage and minimizing the risk of workplace accidents. Additionally, the container loading system can help reduce labor, transportation, and equipment costs, while maximizing cargo space utilization and saving loading space.

With a proven track record of success in various sectors worldwide, the container loading system offers a good ROI and is a valuable investment for any business looking to streamline its operations and improve profitability.

Customizable to your business 

The container loading system is also designed for use in outdoor environments, making it suitable for loading containers in different weather conditions. It also has additional options and customization, allowing businesses to tailor the system to their specific needs and requirements. Don't miss out on the benefits of investing in a container loading system - contact us to learn how it can improve your operations and increase profitability!

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