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Lithography Systems

ASML is one of the worlds leading companies, fabricating machines for the production of microchips. In order to ship their machines, ASML already use Ancra rollertrack systems within their Veldhoven facility. For their plant in Taiwan, Ancra Systems delivered two scissor lifts complete with rollertracks for the handling of 20 ft long airfreight pallets.

Each lift has a length of 8 metres and a capacity of 18 tons net. Both the scissor lifts are equipped with a moveable platform. This platform can be side-shifted and rotated as a separate unit to the scissor lift. This feature enables precise positioning of the trailer cargo to ensure fluent and damage-free loading. Four rollertracks with a pitch of 150mm and a width of 50mm are inserted in the platform. The rollertracks are lifted pneumatically and have a lifting capacity of 900kg per metre (3 bar). Four pallet locks in combination with the rollers that can be raised and lowered pneumatically prevent the load from moving during the loading/unloading process.

In addition, 8 hydraulic wheel drives are integrated in the platform for rapid transport of the load in to the trailer. Six loads cells mounted in the pit recess are used to accurately measure the weight of the loads.Ancra Systems have installed a reliable and robust system enabling careful loading of high-value equipment.

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