Dinsdag 15 Maart 2022

Again! A successful test run of our efficient Skateloader is carried out in the workshop in the Netherlands before delivery to our returning customer. Thank you again for the collaboration and hard work of our team!

In order to further increase the loading time efficiency of the Skateloader, a buffer system is installed between the production feeding lines and the Ancra Skateloader.

The unique element of this buffer lane is that the right lane is installed static on the floor, the left lane is installed on the moveable side-shift conveyor. This way the left lane can move sideways independently from the right lane.
When both pallet lanes are filled with a variety of pallet dimensions, the left lane moves towards the right lane. To make sure that the full pallet load is compacted before the load is transferred to the Skateloader system.

After a thorough analysis of all pallet sizes, pallet weights and the various loading patterns as determined by the customer. Ancra Systems has customized the conveyor platform with 9 chain tracks with an irregular pitch for their specific loading pattern (within one row both short side leading and long side leading pallets can be mixed). To support the full pallet range in the most optimum way.

The Skateloader platform can align itself in a 3-dimensional way (X-Y-Z) fully automatically. No operator intervention. Pallets are taken from the feeding lines at any given height above floor level and loaded in a variety of sea containers or trailers with any given floor height.

It's a refined solution to load the full range of trailers and containers in one shot in just a few minutes!