Dinsdag 02 Maart 2021

Several LoadRunner Plus systems have been delivered to a European customer in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

And now our engineers are busy building/installing other LoadRunner Plus systems in Poland for several multinationals in the Food & Beverage sector.



The LoadRunner Plus has been developed and engineered for automated one-shot loading and unloading of Euro pallets or consistent pallets/racks with no bottom boards into non-modified standard cargo space.

This means that no trailer modifications are required. Therefore, the LoadRunner Plus is the refined solution for one-shot loading and unloading goods for inbound or outbound transport.

The LoadRunner Plus can be seamlessly integrated into any automated production or warehouse system. It can easily be applied at existing sites, whether you have docks or without docks.


The whole loading or unloading process takes approximately 7-8 minutes!

The LoadRunner Plus can load or unload 33 euro pallets (short side leading, 3 pallets side by side) in one-shot automatically, but also partial loads are very well possible. And there is no queue pressure in between individual pallets, which makes it perfect for loading or unloading sensitive products.

For the efficient flow of goods. It not only can be pre-loaded by the buffer stations, as well it can be pre-loaded by AGV or forklift trucks. Therefore 3 to 5 trailers load per dock per hour can be easily achieved.



1) It is equipped with a scanning system to ensure the correct and automatic alignment of the system with the trailer/truck/container.

2) The LoadRunner Plus can automatically follow the variable trailer height which changes continuously while moving the pallet load inside the trailer, to ensure a flawless unloading process.



  • 100% electric system, no hydraulics
  • A perfect solution for one-shot (un)loading of euro palletized goods
  • Support full loads and partial (un)loading
  • Ideal for high volume inbound and outbound transport
  • Short loading cycle (< 7-8 min)
  • Increase efficiency by 400% (compared to traditional forklift truck loading)
  • For regular, non-modified trailers, truck; no alterations required
  • Suitable for loading area with or without docks
  • Shorter truck turnaround time at the dock
  • Reduce labor and equipment cost 
  • Safer & healthier working environment 
  • No queue pressure, perfect for loading sensitive products
  • Consistent run speeds with no breaks or shift changes
  • Improved worker ergonomics
  • Short Return On Investment (ROI)  

The LoadRunner Plus solution of Ancra Systems made it possible to automate a hazardous (un)loading operation that previously was done manually. It meets the high Safety Industry standards and efficiency demands needed in our client's industry.



Outside North America, please call:+31 (0)880 247 111

In North America please call +1 (908) 297-2731