A cost-saving, high- efficiency container loading plate system

Maandag 28 November 2022

The handled goods in the woodworking and steel industries are often bulky and heavy, therefore, the loading process is difficult. In fact, standard containers are usually loaded with several technical units that are often inappropriate and make a high risk of damage for both personnel and product. Moreover, the process can be laborious. Another option is to replace standard sea containers with expensive special containers for example open top containers, but with limited quantity, and they need to be placed on the top part of the ship. Essentially increase the cost of transportation.

The new strategic move of Ancra Systems and SmartTEH offers an Automated loading system as a solution for effective container or truck loading with the sliding floor.


The container loading plate system consists of the following components

  1. LOADING PLATE – It is made out of extremely durable plastic, enduring up to 4 000 loads (depending on the loading product). The plate slides into the cargo space with the load and is then pulled out from underneath.
  2. LEGS – The container loading system stands on two sets of legs. Both ends are height adjustable to cater to standard trailer heights. The rear legs are adjustable also in a horizontal direction, enabling automatic and accurate alignment with the cargo space.
  3. GATE – The gate has several functions. The gate ensures that the cargo moves smoothly into the cargo space by supporting the cargo with side rollers. The gate supports the stopper plate, which moves up and down, holding the cargo in place when the loading plate is pulled out from beneath the cargo. The stopper plate also enables adjustment of the load to ensure that the doors can be shut freely.
  4. CONTAINER CONNECTOR CLAMPS – The container connector clamps ensure that the container or trailer holds still during the loading process.
  5. GEAR MOTOR – The container loading system works with an electric and hydraulic motor. The motors power all movement of the Container Loading System: loading plate, leg adjustments, the container connector clamps, and the gate.
  6. CONTROL SYSTEM – The specially designed program makes all the movements, ensuring safe and easy usage of the system with a push of a button. This control system can be integrated into other systems. The remote control has been designed to run the system from aside.


The automated container loading system is very popular in wood processing companies, where produced products need to be loaded in containers. Most of the manufactured products in these companies are 3 meters long or even longer and are stacked in packs. It is very difficult and time-consuming to use the traditional types of loading containers as efficiently as possible, therefore, the system we offered is very efficient - the container is filled in 8 minutes and without product damage.

A customer uses this system to load containers with 11m long boxes with high-quality products. This system ensures loading containers in a fast and safe way without product damage.

With saucerful experience, this container loading system has been produced and delivered to woodworking, metalworking, and logistic companies worldwide. 

  • Safer working environment
  • Prevent product damage
  • Reduce labor, transportation, and equipment costs
  • 100% cargo space utilization
  • Save loading dock space
  • Fess off-site containerization
  • Good Return On Investment (ROI)

Watch now to see it in action! ⬇️