A highly innovative solution for outbound loading of both palletized goods and slip-sheeted goods

Dinsdag 16 Februari 2021

A highly innovative solution for speeding high volumes outbound loading of both palletized goods and slip-sheeted goods in any trailer


Earlier this year, Ancra Systems developed and engineered a new version of Skateloader. This redesigned SkateLoader automatically in one-shot loads high volumes of palletized goods or slip-sheeted goods into non-modified truck/trailer/container, in a total cycle time of just 7-8 mins!

Like our shuttle system (Modified cargo Space Solutions), the Skateloader system (Non-modified cargo Space Solution) loads the entire outbound goods in one shot automatically This solution is ideal for a busy production facility or a distribution center shipping to multiple end-users.

The whole loading process takes approximately 7-8 minutes! In combination with buffer stations, 3 to 5 trailers load per dock per hour can be easily achieved.

Because there is no corresponding system in the trailer, the Skateloader slip-sheet version has special functionality for loading.

It is equipped with a scanning system that accurately detects the trailer's position at the dock. Next, the Skateloader moves fully automatically to the trailer position through a three-axle electric alignment system.

Our latest Skateloader design can be built low on the ground. It has advantages for customers who have an existing dock and they don’t need to dig a large pit to place the Skateloader. Hence, the construction costs for the customer are reduced.


  • 100% fully automated
  • A perfect solution for one-shot loading of both palletized goods and slip-sheet goods
  • Ideal for high volume outbound transport
  • Short loading cycle (< 7-8 min)
  • Increase efficiency by 400% (compared to traditional forklift truck loading)
  • For regular, non-modified trailers, truck and containers; no alterations required
  • Suitable for an existing dock
  • Up to 18m (59ft) trailer length
  • Shorter truck turnaround time at the dock
  • Reduce labor and equipment cost 
  • Reduce construction cost 
  • Safer & healthier working environment 
  • Avoids damaging goods
  • Consistent run speeds with no breaks or shift changes
  • Improved worker ergonomics
  • High Return On Investment (ROI) 

Therefore the Skateloader slip-sheet version is the ultimate solution for one-shot loading of slip-sheet goods for outbound transport.


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