Ancra Systems and SmartTEH Announce Integration Partnership Speeding Up Container Loading Processes by Incorporating Semi-Automatic Container Loading

Maandag 15 Augustus 2022

Following our mission, guided by our vision, to be the innovative global leading specialist in the field of ATLS (Automatic Truck/Container Loading & Unloading Solutions). Ancra Systems announces its cooperation with SmartTEH Ltd whereas Ancra extends its ATLs portfolio with a semi-automatic container loading system, particularly suitable for loading long or heavy goods in containers as used in the wood industry, and forest industry as well as the steel industry.

Marc Dohmen, Sales Director at Ancra Systems said:  “Today, an estimated 90% of the world’s goods are transported by sea, with 60% of that packed in large steel containers. Without the standardized container, the global supply chain that society depends upon would not exist.

Ensuring the efficiency and safety of global container loading operations has become more and more critical over the last few years.

We are very proud to announce that Ancra Systems, a global leading ATLS manufacturer with 30+ years of proven track record in many industrial segments, and SmartTEH Ltd, an industrial equipment engineering and production company are working together in offering our customers a unique semi-automatic container loading system specifically developed for loading complex, long cargo as to be found e.g. in the forest industry and steel industry. This system ensures increased operational efficiency and improved loading safety for all people involved.”

Martins Nikis, CEO at SmartTEH said: “ I am very keen to see our company experiences and know-how be merged between companies, so we can deliver even more advanced solutions and reach more industries in the future. I am sure Ancra's experience will help our systems to become even more recognizable solutions and establish new markets for SmartTEH.”

The handled goods in the woodworking and steel industries are often bulky and heavy, therefore, the container loading process is difficult. In fact, standard containers are usually loaded with several technical units that are often inappropriate and make a high risk of damage for both personnel and product. Moreover, the process can be laborious. Another option is to replace standard sea containers with expensive special containers that, in fact, essentially increase the cost of transportation. In order to meet the specific ATLS requirements of our customers in this field.

With this, Ancra introduces the refined solution to the customers —Semi-Automatic Container Loading System is made out of extremely durable plastic, enduring up to 5 000 loads (depending on the loading product). It is a system for effective container loading with a sliding plate. The loading plate slides into the cargo space with the load and is then pulled out from underneath.  Overall cycle time takes only 5 minutes.

In this video, you can see how it works.

SmartTEH Ltd is industrial equipment engineering and production company, launched in the year 2016. It ensures both individual equipment design and production, as well as complex conveyor system design related to product loading and unloading. Based on establishing permanent cooperation with their partner companies, it can organize also significant production capacity for large projects. Its primary specialty is equipment for handling sea containers and trailer loading and unloading.