Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for Truck Loading & unloading

Maandag 21 November 2022

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are not only used to collect, transport, and deliver materials in facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers. Our AGV truck (un)loading solution can also complete and automate your logistic process of inbound and outbound truck loading and unloading.

It can operate in semi-outdoor spaces with temperatures down to -5℃. Using 3D slam positioning technology and BrightEye solution, it can not only detect the position of the pallet, and the parking position of the truck but also “see” the presence of obstacles and people.

This AGV truck (un)loading solution provides a safer and healthier work environment, replacing manual operation, 24/7 operation, improved dock processes, higher throughput, and reduced labor costs.

It’s a flexible automation solution because no bulky equipment needs to be installed and no modifications to buildings or trailers are required. Improve logistics efficiency without changing the existing processes!

Watch now to see it in action! ⬇️