Woensdag 24 November 2021

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The first Skateloader Pallet & Slip-sheet version is now being installed in the warehouse of our customer_ A multinational foods manufacturer.
And now we are building two more Skateloaders for our global customers in the beverage and floor/wall panels manufacturing industries.

Skateloader loading goods in different industries

Foods manufacturer:

Normally, the top deck platform (push and retract) of Skateloder consists of 6 chain tracks with a regular pitch for loading palletized goods. But the customer needs the system to be able to load goods with mixed carriers in different loading patterns.

  • Palletized goods (40 x 48” GMA pallets)
  • Slip-sheeted goods (46 x 38” and 42 x 38” slip-sheets)
  • Straight Loading: SSL+SSL (1000mm+1000mm)
  • Turned Loading: LSL+LSL (1200mm+1200mm)
  • Distribution Loading: SSL+SSL, SSL, SSL+SSL

Therefore, based on their needs, we have designed and engineered a 53 ft long Skateloader which consists of 6 chain tracks with an irregular pitch and 2 roller tracks.
The chain tracks move the pallets and slip sheets, the roller tracks support the slip-sheets on the dock system, whereas the movable top deck platform loads the carriers into the trailer.

No matter what type of loading pattern, the goods with mixed carriers will be automatically one-shot loaded into the non-modified trailer or container in just 7 mins.
Steady and Safely!
A scanning system accurately detects the trailer position at the dock. Next, the Skateloader moves fully automatically to the trailer position through a three-axle electric alignment system. Such precise and fully automatic alignment, prevents goods and truck damage during the loading process.
This Skateloader can be built low to the ground. It has advantages for customers who have an existing dock and they don’t need to dig a large pit to place the Skateloader.

Beverage Producer:

A multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation needs to load Euro pallets in an extended loading pattern as on end customer request and in order to distribute the pallet weights within the trailer.
As shown in the PDF.

Accordingly, based on the above specific needs, we have customized the Skateloader with 10 chain tracks with an irregular pitch instead of 6 chain tracks. To make sure all the bottom deck and block stand stably on the chains tracks during being transferred.

Floor/wall panels manufacturer:

The customer has an extensive range of pallet dimensions with various overhangs.
Even though pallets with floor/wall panels are well packed, careful container loading is of the highest priority.
Our customer wants the Skateloader to load automatically their palletized floor/wall panels into the trucks and containers in one shot. However, with all the required precautions for safe and secured loading. Last but not least, they do not have a dock, only a loading bay (indoor height same as outdoor height).

Based on their loading area, Ancra offers them the fit for ground-level application.
With the three-axle electric alignment system, the Skateloader automatically moves vertically to adjust its height to the trailer position. It will also automatically move horizontally to the correct position, to ensure perfect alignment with the trailer centreline.


All Ancra's Non-Modified ATLS solutions not only can be pre-loaded by feeding conveyor, but also by AGVs or forklift trucks.
And the overall loading cycle can be reduced from ±30-40 mins to around 7 mins which results that a single dock door handling 3 up to 4 full trailers per hour.
Ancra offers ATLS solutions to help our customers to solve their challenges. The shorter truck turnaround time at the dock is accomplished while creating a safer work environment, for employees and reducing the damage of the products. Most importantly, it keeps products on shelves and keeps prices competitive.