Beverage Logistics Solution- Flexibility vital for Beverage Logistics Optimization

Dinsdag 05 Maart 2019

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Challenges of beverage transportation

Compared with other industries, beverage manufacturers and distributors are faced with unique challenges in moving products through the supply chain. To ensure your drink can keep their original quality level through the whole supply chain, reducing the cost of production to win more profit. Thus lower labor and forklift trucks cost and to free up more warehouse space for high volume production, and ensure that products reach consumers in a faster and more accurate manner. Therefore speed and ATLS (Automatic Truck Loading & Unloading Systems) are the essences.  


The expert logistics partner for the beverage industry

Therefore speed is of the essence.

In fact, Ancra has been the expert logistics partner for the beer and beverage industry for years. Our specialized teams across the globe are well-versed in the development of customized logistics solutions for all types of beverages, including beer, wine, juices, milk, liquor, water and many more. 


2 ATLS (Automatic truck loading & unloading) applications

Ancra can provide you with a perfect solution that can make your high volume and intensive transportation more efficient. With 2 ATLS (Automatic Truck Loading & Unloading) applications; ‘Shuttle’- and ‘One-way’ solutions.


(un)loading a full truck in a few mins – optimizing integrated supply chain trailer shuttle

Shuttle Operation ( integrated supply chain)

If your beverage needs to be transported between 2 (short) fixed locations, multiple times per hour. We provide the system solutions which can be installed at the factory, bottling line and warehouse for (un)loading goods into a dedicated fleet of modified trailers.

  • Closed loop shuttle application
  • A dedicated fleet of trailers
  • Majority of savings are on trailer and forklift truck


(un)loading a full truck in a few mins  - to free up more warehouse space & make the product reach faster to customers

One-way Operation (inbound/outbound)

If your beverage inbound or outbound flows to different locations, we provide systems which can be installed at factory or warehouse for (un)loading without modifications to  the trailers.

  • Only inbound or outbound logistic flows
  • Any trailer can be loaded or unloaded
  • Majority of savings are on building/warehouse side saving forklifts and operator personnel
  • Can also be designed to load Sea containers and Railcars.


Benefits of the ANCRA ATLS solutions                                                                                             

Reduction of Trailer Fleet up to 70%

  • Labor and forklift costs reduced by 100% in the Trailer loading area
  • Reduction of product damage (reduced handling)
  • Overall Dock Equipment Availability (>98%)
  • Extremely quick Return On Investment (ROI) (typically 2 to 6 months!)
  • Improved Health & Safety conditions for employees/truck drivers
  • Ideal for short delivery-on-call situations and Just In Time (JIT) deliveries
  • Optimized usage of dock space (one dock can do the work of 3+ traditional docks)
  • Extremely low maintenance costs. 24/7 operation
  • Reduced CO2 footprint
  • Usable for any load as long as it is within trailer dimensions, as also mixed pallet possibilities


Contact us to discuss your benefits based on your situation

Ancra provides logistics solution to optimize the traditional beverage transportation and flexible your beverage manufacturing.

Thus if you’re looking for an experienced, reliable partner for your beverage transportation and logistics. We would appreciate discussing your benefits based on your situation.



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