Woensdag 19 Juni 2019

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In 2019 Ancra Systems, a global ATLS expert in the Automated Truck Loading and Unloading Systems is now offering a latest automation solution for flooring material transport. The trailer is especially made for the transportation of wood & laminate flooring.



  • This system is specially designed for a full load of wood and laminate flooring automatically transported in/out of the trailers from/to a stationary conveyor which is built-in the internal storage between two fixed locations.
  • The system consists of 4 aluminium slat conveyor lanes, build on a steel support structure. It is suitable for loading / unloading different palletized flooring.
  • With the unique load securing system which is built-in the trailer. It can slide down via a sliding system and clamp and hold tight the unwrapped goods with non-uniform packaging height. Therefore this system it’s very flexible.
    Also, the securing system prevents the load from sliding or falling over while driving.
  • Double-deck design optimized space usage.
  • The built-in positioning system can guarantee fast loading or unloading without any mistake.


  1. Automated truck loading and unloading process
  2. Improved dock flow / Improved process flow
  3. Higher throughput
  4. Suitable for loading/unloading standard pallet, the mix of pallets and non-palletized goods (such as boxes or slip-sheets)
  5. Suitable for unwrapped goods with non-uniform packaging height
  6. Reduction of labor and forklift costs
  7. Reduction of product damage (because of controlled handling and the load securing system )
  8. Provide a safer & healthier working environment for the employees/truck drivers
  9. Consistent run speeds with no breaks or shift changes
  10. Higher Return On Investment (ROI)