Loading a Full Load on any Trailer in 8 Minutes!

Dinsdag 07 November 2017

The SkateLoader is the highly innovative solution the logistical industry has been waiting for, perfectly suited for outbound loading of high volumes with palletized goods in any trailers.

The design of the SkateLoader is based on full automatic one shot loading and reduces the loading time of a complete trailer by 70%! The system is developed for one way loading of outbound goods, for example a production facility to a central warehouse or from a distribution center to different end-users. The Typical Return on Investment for the SkateLoader is between 12 to 24 months depending on specific customer situations and Truck Turnaround Times.

A full trailer can be automatically loaded within a total cycle time of just over 7 minutes without the support of pallet trucks. The scanning and alignment will take 2 minutes, the one shot loading takes 3 minutes and retracting the system within 2 minutes brings the total loading cycle to just over 8 minutes. In combination with buffer stations 3 to 5 trailer loads per dock per hour can be easily achieved.

The SkateLoader system is standard equipped with a scanning technology that accurately detects the trailers position at the dock. The automatic 3 axis motorized alignment system will perfectly align the SkateLoader to the trailers position ( horizontal, vertical & approach angle). During the loading process the system height is constantly monitored and corrected to the changing trailers height. The optional 3D systems offers the possibility to check the inside of the trailer on any left obstacles as big as a cup of coffee and additionally it is able to make corrections in the overall tilt alignment to assure problem free loading cycles.


Benefits of the ANCRA SkateLoader at a glance:

  • Reduction of Trailer Fleet by 70%
  • Reduction of labor costs by 100% on Trailer loading area
  • Reduction of product damage (reduced handling interactions)
  • Increasing Overall Equipment Availability (>98%)
  • Extreme quick Return On Investment (typically 12 to 24months)
  • Improved Health & Safety conditions for employees/truck drivers
  • Possibility for Just In Time and Just In Sequence deliveries
  • Optimized usage of warehouse space (less docks for same volume)
  • Extreme low maintenance cost (1 to 2%)
  • Reduced CO2 footprint


Check at the video of the SkateLoader at this link and contact our sales team to check the advantages of ANCRA Automatic Truck Loading Systems for your application.