Nick Eijkemans: Fourteen Years of Innovation and Dedication at Ancra Systems

Dinsdag 19 September 2023

In the world of logistics and supply chain automation, few stories are as compelling as that of Nick Eijkemans, whose remarkable journey with Ancra Systems spans over a decade and a half. With a passion for crafting customer-centric solutions and a commitment to maintaining Ancra Systems' leadership in the realm of Automatic Loading and Unloading of goods in trailers, Nick's story is one of unwavering dedication and technological prowess.

A Young Graduate's Ascent

Nick's adventure with Ancra Systems started back in 2009, just after he had graduated from 's-Hertogenbosch College with a specialization in industrial automation. His early experiences included internships at CSi Palletising and a graduation project at VanDerLande, which ignited his fascination with logistics automation. It was at Ancra Systems in Boxtel, Netherlands, where he discovered his true calling—a place where he could be deeply involved in projects from their inception to execution.

For Nick, the choice was clear: a role that seamlessly blended office work with hands-on practical testing in the workshop, culminating in the global commissioning of machines. Little did he know that this choice would pave the way for an incredible career filled with innovation and customer satisfaction.

The Rise to Engineering Manager

Over the course of fourteen years, Nick's journey at Ancra Systems has been nothing short of extraordinary. From his early days as a recent graduate, he has climbed the ranks to become the engineering manager. He emphasizes that "no day is the same," which keeps his job as challenging and exciting as ever.

Unforgettable Projects

Throughout his career, Nick has had the privilege of working on some truly unforgettable projects. One of his first projects, completed in 2009 at Hartog and Bikker in Den Bosch, involved a complex customization system with numerous buffer choices, a shuttle car, and pallet supply by AGVs. Another project that holds a special place for Nick is the one at SAS Automotive in Ghent, where a loading system for Volvo dashboards was developed. This system, with two levels in trucks and on the shuttle car, turntables, cross tables, and various buffer tracks to load and unload. Barcode scanners monitored the correct sequence, and through manual input sections or so-called "fast lanes," a dashboard that was entered later could still be placed in the right position in the truck. It was a technical marvel that required precision.

Leading a Fantastic Team

Nick thrives on the daily challenges he faces at Ancra Systems. He remarks, "Both technology and customer demands change at a rapid pace. Every day, you must give 100% effort to come up with the most suitable ATLS solution for customers." Together with his colleagues, he has dedicated himself to making Ancra Systems one of the market leaders in automatic loading and unloading.

LEGO Technic Passion

Lifelong passion for technology has been the driving force behind Nick's fascination, starting at a young age with LEGO Technic sets. Today, he remains deeply engrossed in technology, both at work and in his personal life. He's the go-to person for repairing his children's electronic toys, frequently dissecting them down to the circuit board level. At Ancra Systems, he and his fellow engineers stay up to date with the latest technology through regular courses, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge.

Customer-Centric Success

Nick takes immense pride in Ancra Systems' global success. He emphasizes the company's dedication to its customers, highlighting that "giving each customer the right attention and time, involving them in what we do and what we excel at, is the key to success."

The Future at Ancra Systems

Looking ahead, Nick envisions a future at Ancra Systems filled with exciting challenges. He has been increasingly involved in operational matters like project management and procurement, which he finds incredibly fascinating. As the months unfold, he's focused on finalizing the standardization of important ATLS systems, knowing that new goals and technologies are just around the corner.

In Nick's words, 'Engineering is a department that never stands still; each year brings new goals and new technologies.' With his dedication and Ancra Systems' commitment to innovation, the future looks bright for this dynamic leader and the company he has helped shape.