Together for Better: Empowering Efficiency and Service with Ancra Systems and Ancra Cargo

Dinsdag 15 Augustus 2023

Ancra Systems from the Netherlands and its sister company, Ancra Cargo in America, are excited to bring enhanced benefits to our valued customers in America, Canada, and Mexico! Both companies are part of the ASG (Applied Solutions Group) under The Heico Companies, LLC. – a renowned organization with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, construction, and industrial businesses, employing more than 9,000 professionals across 70 operational companies.

Collaboration Opportunities:  

  • Market Insights
  • Local Service Point
  • In-House System Manufacturing
  • Sales Support

Exciting News: We will be cooperating at MODEX 2024 booth #A9113! We look forward to meeting you there and discussing how our collaboration can benefit your business.

Marc Hezemans, Managing Director at Ancra Systems said: the strategic alliance between both Ancra Systems and Ancra Cargo will ensure a continuous innovation included to a comprehensive market coverage, successfully enter new markets, establish new product lines and portfolios, serve our local customers better and rapidly respond to shifts in the marketplace.”

Larry Bethel, President at Ancra Cargo said: “From an increase in US sales presence to greater localized field service, the overall value that the partnership will provide is paramount to servicing the automated warehouse industry,” said Larry Bethel, Ancra Cargo President. “This diversification of products and services will benefit customers long-term with improved access to spare parts through Ancra Cargo distribution channels.”

Ancra Cargo is well-known in the North American market, Ancra Systems brings a fresh perspective and innovative solutions. Together Ancra Systems & Ancra Cargo will ensure efficient customer support and maintenance services, enhancing the overall customer experience and satisfaction with ATLS solutions, and delivery faster our ATLS systems to you, our valued customers. Additionally, we are committed to providing even more personalized and dedicated tailor-made ATLS solutions to meet your specific needs, improving your loading and unloading bay safety and efficiency."

Ancra Systems is a premium ATLS solutions provider and a track record partner that offers the most comprehensive package for standard and customizable ATLS solutions (Automatic Truck/Trailer/Container One-shot Loading & Unloading Solutions). With over three and a half decades of experience supporting its innovative chain, slat conveyor loading and unloading solutions, LoadRunner, Skateloader, LoadRunner Plus, Container Loading Plate, and Truck Loading and Unloading AGV solutions. Ancra Systems is known internationally for its devotion to quality and ingenuity, and as a result, it has become a leader within the industry.Over the last decade, Ancra Systems has successfully installed over a thousand ATLS systems in a variety of industries.

Ancra Cargo is a world-class leader in the area of cargo handling and restraint systems. Founded in 1969 with the mission to improve safety and security for the transportation industry, we have grown to be North America’s largest designer and manufacturer of load maximizing systems.  With over 100 current patents, Ancra Cargo is dedicated to innovating, designing and manufacturing the highest quality products to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Today, Ancra Cargo, headquartered in Erlanger, Kentucky, is a leading designer and manufacturer of cargo securement systems for heavy duty transportation. Our products are hard at work on land, in the air, and on the sea, serving all phases of the transportation industry. In addition, we have manufacturing and distribution locations in Texas, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. We are focused on our customers, meeting and striving to exceed their expectations. 

Ancra Cargo has been awarded a Top Workplaces honor by Enquirer Media in Cincinnati, OH for the third consecutive year. The list is based solely on employee feedback and uniquely measures culture drivers that are critical to the success of any organization. 

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