Maandag 03 Juni 2019

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In 2019 Ancra Systems, a global ATLS expert in the Automated Truck Loading and Unloading Systems is now offering our latest automation solution for the automotive industry. It is a trailer that is specially made for the transportation of car seats.



• With two sliding doors, one on the front left side of the trailer and the other one on the rear left the side of the trailer. When the doors are open, the specially designed bridge sections tilt outwards and connect to the internal conveyor system in the industrial hall.
• The seats with their carriers load in the trailer from the front doors through the bridge section, then the carriers with seats run on the short roller conveyor system then runs on the long roller conveyor system to the end of the trailer. And through the rear door unload the empty seat carriers back to the conveyor system which is built in the industrial hall/warehouse. Therefore our designed trailer can load and unload at the same time.
• During transport, the seats are placed on specifically supported racks which are built-in the inner top of the trailer. Its use for preventing the load from sliding or falling over while driving. Inside the trailer, another positioning system serves to align the trailer for the loading/unloading system and to make sure a correct and safe operation of the stationary system and docking of the trailer.


1. Automated Truck Loading and unloading process

2.Improved dock flow / Improved process flow

3. Higher throughput

4.Reduction of labor and forklift costs

5.Ideal for short delivery-on-call situations and Just In Time deliveries

6.Reduction of product damage (because of controlled handling)

7.Provide a safer & healthier working environment for the employees/truck drivers

8.Consistent run speeds with no breaks or shift changes

9.Higher Return On Investment (ROI)

10.Fallback scenario