BAUR Versand

Altenkunstadt, Duitsland
BAUR Versand
Logistieke Service Provider:
Hermes Fulfilment GmbH& Co. KG
Type systeem:
Kettingbaan Systeem
Aantal docks:
Aantal trailers:
Mode, huishoudelijke artikelen, technische apparaten

Baur Versand is part of the Otto Group and is a major internet retailer and mail-order company in Germany.Ancra Systems have installed an automatic trailer loading/unloading system in three swap bodies. The swap bodies are shuttled (± 2 km) between the computer controlled central warehouse and the distribution centre where orders are picked.

The installation of triple-floor system with rollers ensures that each swap body will contain 63 totes (700x900x410) with products of BAUR Versand. Each level comprises three lanes of seven totes and is individually powered by a 380V electrical gear drive. The floors are loaded/unloaded by a lift installed in both the warehouse and the distribution centre. During the loading process the brakes of the swap body are automatically activated to prevent them being driven away. Docking roller sets are mounted at the tail-end of the four chassis. The roller sets guide into a positioning frame installed in front of the dock to ensure correct alignment of the swap body.

The swap bodies are equipped with a pneumatic shutter door and a service door at the front for easy maintenance of the drive units. Notwithstanding that the boxes are loaded in rows of three totes, still a loading or unloading time of just 7 minutes is enabled by conveying the totes at a speed of 19m/min. During transportation the rollers are locked and the totes (maximum weight 70 kilograms) are secured with inflatable airbags. The high quality triple-floor system that Ancra has delivered shows its capability of supplying custom-made automatic truck loading/unloading solutions in conformity with the clients wishes.

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