2003 / 201
Ingolstadt, Germany
End user:
Type of system:
Slat Conveyor System
Dock systems:
Trailer systems:
Products transported:
Stacks of car wheels

Several well-known car manufacturers make use of the products supplied by Ancra Systems. This can be illustrated best by the slat conveyor systems installed at the Audi facility in Ingolstadt. The car wheels are delivered to the Audi factory, from the tyre wheel assembly plant, as a Just in Time specified sequence.

Both the tyre wheel assembly plant and the production plant are furnished with two slat conveyor stationary systems. To increase capacity, and ensure a steady supply of car wheels to the assembly operators, the stacks are loaded/unloaded on two levels. Two semi-trailers are equipped with the double-floor slat conveyor system to shuttle between each location. In the assembly plant, car wheels are loaded on the docking system using a special cross-section to allow programmed demand by the car production line.

Each truckload consists of two levels with 3x18 stacks comprising 4 or 5 car wheels. The slat conveyor systems are fully integrated into the automated material handling system and engineered as an individual system to secure the desired availability. With this solution Ancra Systems proves its expertise and experience in the automotive industry.

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