DB Schenker

2013, 2014
Willebroek, Belgium
End user:
Logistic Service Provider:
DB Schenker
Type of system:
Chain Conveyor System
Dock systems:
Trailer systems:
Products transported:
Palletised boxes with cans chips

Kellogg is mainly known as the world’s leading producer of cereals but it also has frozen food and snack brands in its portfolio. In 2012 Kellogg acquired Pringles becoming the second-largest savory snack company worldwide.

High volume shuttle transportation takes place between the Pringles production facility in Mechelen and the nearby Schenker operated warehouse in Willebroek. Ancra Systems has supplied a fleet of 5 trailers with chain conveyor systems installed and 1 dock system at the warehouse.

When a trailer is docked, the Ancra trailer system unloads the pallets onto the Ancra dock system in just a few minutes. The pallets can be taken off the dock system by or a fork lift truck or an AGV (supplied by Toyota Material Handling). This enables Schenker to receive pallets 24/7 without any warehouse personnel on the ground, since the unloading is been done at night by AGV’s.

With this integrated solution Schenker has maximum flexibility during day time and a fully automated solution during the night shift. Ancra is proud to be part of this integrated solution. Also, the fact that Ancra has given a redemption guarantee on the trailers + systems shows the willingness to meet customer demand and confidence in the supplied technology.

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