H&B Logistics B.V.

's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
End user:
Heineken Breweries
Logistic Service Provider:
H&B Logistics B.V.
Type of system:
Chain conveyor system
Dock systems:
Trailer systems:
Products transported:

The new multi user logistic centre (55.000m2) that H&B Logistics utilise at ‘s Hertogenbosch is equipped with the most advanced and large scale automatic truck loading configuration in Europe. The logistic centre facility is a fluent supply chain for the efficient delivery of Heineken beer and other beverages throughout the country, making more cross docking possible at inland distribution centres.

Ancra Systems delivered and installed eight automatic trailer loading systems, each consisting of two chain conveyors mounted on a shuttle car and connected to three buffer conveyors. Due to the movement of the shuttle cars the respective receipt of empties and dispatch of beverage can take place at the same dock, preventing time consuming repositioning of the trailer. Additionally, fast dispatch at peak-hours is enabled by preloading the chain conveyors with up to 4 complete truckloads. All the docks have a length of 15 metres and a 38 ton payload. Shuttle trailers as well as distribution Lorries can connect to the automatic truck loading systems, although they have different lengths.

Pallets of different sizes (CHEP, EURO etcetera) can be arranged in various orders and are verified by an outline checking device for undisrupted un/loading. The identification number of the freight provided by the warehousing system is punched in by the truck driver to ensure correct positioning. The deployment of AGVs in un/loading the buffer tracks fully completes the efficient handling and storage of the beverages. This interaction proves how those systems can complement each other in streamlining the supply chain. The size and complexity of the project at H&B Logistics shows the excellent capability of Ancra Systems in providing superior loading and unloading solutions to their clients.

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