Partner Logistics Bergen op Zoom

Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands
End user:
Partner Logistics, Lamb Weston / Meijer
Logistic Service Provider:
Partner Logistics Europe
Type of system:
Chain Conveyor System
Dock systems:
Trailer systems:
Products transported:
Deep-frozen potato products

Lamb Weston Meijer is a high quality producer of deep-frozen potato products and appetizers. They operate several facilities in Europe and serve customers in food services, retail and industry. Partner Logistics Europe carries out the storage and logistics of Lamb Weston / Meijer’s products using the trailer loading and unloading solution of Ancra Systems BV.

The shuttle transport between the production facility in Kruiningen and the highly automated cold store (65,000 pallets and - 21 degrees Celsius) in Bergen op Zoom is streamlined using six stationary chain conveyor systems. Three loading systems are integrated into the automated material handling system to take in the end products from the production line. Prior to loading, the complete truckload is verified by an outline checking device to prevent cargo and truck damage. Inflatable cushions installed at the dock shelter prevent penetration of open air when the trailer connects to the stationary un/loading system. In addition, an automatic bridge comes down to tide over between the mobile and stationary unit. These bridges are also installed for isolation purposes.

Polyurethane (PU) wiring is used to maintain flexibility in low temperatures. A separation space including a control unit enables the truck driver to control the un/loading process without being exposed to the extreme atmosphere. Outdoor traffic lights indicate which stationary units are occupied or free. Ancra Systems BV engineered the system perfectly according to standards and regulations for deep-frozen products. Trailer systems were in accordance with ATP certification and only food grade lubricants are used. This successful project proves that Ancra Systems is able to adapt their solutions to the requirements of your industry.

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