Poco Loco

Roeselare, Belgium
End user:
N.V. Snack Food Poco Loco
Logistic Service Provider:
Dematra NV
Type of system:
Chain Conveyor System
Dock systems:
Trailer systems:
Products transported:
Palletized Chips

Snack Food Poco Loco is the continental Europe market leader for Tortilla Chips and a growing supplier of Taco Shells, Dinner Kits and dip sauces. The well-known company supplies to all major European retail chains.

To increase throughput and to adapt to future production expansion of Poco Loco, Ancra Systems BV integrated a fully automatic truck loading system in the automated material handling system.
CHEP and EURO pallets are loaded interchangeably at a speed of 6m/min inwards on to the Logistic Service Provider’s trailer also equipped with the Ancra Chain Conveyor System. Prior to loading, the complete load is verified by an outline checking device to prevent cargo and truck damage. Two fully automatic Ancra Chain Conveyor Systems with the capability to buffer for 6 truck loads are installed in the new build warehouse, located 2 kilometres from the production plant.

With the capability to buffer for 6 truck loads, there is no need for warehouse personnel to store the pallets at night. Another feature is that picking up the pallets from the docking system can be executed with a normal pallet truck by pneumatically lifting and lowering the chain tracks. With Ancra Chain Conveyor Systems a throughput of 2300 pallets per day is made possible. Ancra Systems BV’s efficient loading/unloading solution provides a very competitive market position for Poco Loco and the potential for fluent future growth.

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