Sterigenics Shanghai

Shanghai, China
End user:
Type of system:
Skate System
Dock systems:
Trailer systems:
Products transported:
Palletized clothing for medical industry

Sterigenics is a global company in sterilization services for medical supplies. Sterigenics uses the Ancra skate system for (un)loading three Ethylene Oxide sterilization chambers.
After prior orders for the delivery of Ancra skate systems to their Belgium and United Kingdom production facilities, Ancra Systems BV delivered 6 skate systems to the Sterigenics Shanghai site.

Three loading and three unloading systems which can be fully crossed by fork-lift trucks are mounted in the concrete floor. Pallets with clothing are pre-loaded on submerged aluminium skates (forks) that lift pneumatically for transportation into the chamber. With the Ancra skate system it is possible to place the 400V electric motors and sensors outside the ATEX zone (Atmosphere Explosible). In addition, during the sterilization process the pallets can be pre-loaded for efficient flow of goods. A skate system at the shipping side of the sterilization chamber takes care of unloading the pallets with a speed of 6m/min.

Given the toxic sterilization process, the skate system solution of Ancra Systems BV made it possible to automate a hazardous (un)loading operation that previously was done manually. This succeeding project for our client proves that our solution meets the high safety and efficiency demands needed in our client's industry.

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