Automatic Train Wagons Loading and Unloading (AWLS)

Dinsdag 30 Juni 2020

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In 2019 Ancra Systems, a global ATLS expert in the Automated Truck/Container Loading and Unloading Solutions developed a new rail transport solution for Automatic Train Wagons Loading and Unloading (AWLS). It officially entered the market in 2020.

The AWLS System can load and unload pallets into/out of a rail freight wagon in a safe, quick, and easy way, with a few process steps as possible, with optimal control of the pallet flow, At low cost and with high reliability.

As part of the grant agreement No 723274.
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Unique Customized 

The AWLS system is a special design for Hiirrs or any other type of automatic train wagons automatically transported pallets in/out of the train wagons from/to an output conveyor via a specially designed Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) System.

Load Preparation

The output conveyor (stationary system) a chain conveyor system and slat conveyor system (cross-section), which is connected to the warehouse and the truck. When the pallets are loaded onto the output conveyor and it's ready to be loaded.


Wheels installed under the AGV system, it can pick up the pallets from different places and load the cargo onto every wagon flexibly.


One train with 23 wagons in total 600m long, each wagon will be loaded 60 pallets.  Total loading time is 4 hours 1380 pallets, 345 pallets/hour with 3 X AWLS.

It needs 17 forklifts trucks and operated by 17 workers and 17 additional workers inside the wagons for opening the doors and slide the pallets.

But use the output conveyor with the AWLS system, The number of forklift trucks from 17 reduce to 0. The workers from 34 persons reduce to 2 persons.

  • Load/Unload in just 4 minutes
  • Reduce the labor and forklift costs
  • Optimize the turnaround time to reduce the forklift trucks
  • Higher Return On Investment (ROI) in ONE year