Dinsdag 23 Juni 2020

Ancra Systems is pleased to announce a partnership with WELCOTECH Intralogistics Solutions to become an official distributor in Brazil. Our clients will have a great opportunity to benefit from our Automatic Truck Loading and Unloading Systems (ATLS).

Ancra Systems is the worldwide leading specialist and manufacturer in the field of Automatic Truck/Container One-shot Loading and Unloading Solutions (ATLS). With 30 years’ experience, Ancra Systems has successfully installed over 1000 systems in a wide range of industries in the last 10 years – from standard systems to highly customized solutions, providing reliable, highly effective, and efficient loading and unloading solutions that meet exact requirements.

Established in 2019,  WELCOTECH Intralogistics Solutions is a company dedicated to offering solutions to optimize and automate intralogistics operations in the Brazilian market. Welcotech aims to offer highly flexible intralogistics solutions, intelligent automatic loading and unloading solutions, in order to reduce the intensity of manual labor and help transform a manufacturing plant or warehouse into a smart operation, improving the level of automation of customers.

 “ We are very excited to work with WELCOTECH Intralogistics SolutionsWe truly believe that our customers in Brazil can benefit from our partnership. We love getting to know our clients and their successes and challenges and helping them to optimize the logistic process and to reduce the truck loading/unloading time to just in a few minutes!”   Said Marc Dohmen, Sales Director at Ancra systems.

 “ We are proud to have Ancra Systems as our partner in the Brazilian market. Logistics automation in Brazil is a very growing market, in which we are sure that many opportunities will arise. It is a great pleasure to provide our customers with solutions that meet their needs and in fact provide significant optimization in their operations. Working together with Ancra Systems on this challenge will be rewarding and certainly profitable for our companies.” Said Cesar Fracalanza, Founder/CEO at WELCOTECH Intralogistics Solutions

We will be working together to offer the best ATLS truck loading and unloading system to meet the customers’ requirements and enhance the local service support for the new Bazile customers.


Contact info:

WELCOTECH Intralogistics Solutions

Cesar Fracalanza


Tel: +55 19 4042 0851 / +55 19 99607 8051